Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day...

Warning: Long post, but mostly pictures!
Today was a super busy, but fun day! It started out super early with a fun Karate Tournament! Gavin showed off his mad Karate skills and did awesome! He has recently graduated to an orange belt! Good job, Gavin!!This is him telling the sensei that he'd be performing the eight point blocking sequence (or something like that)
He had all the right grunting sounds and everything!
Posing after the tourney

Lilah was so cute--as soon as she was able to, she ran straight to the table with all the trophies and attempted to take one for herself. Luckily Grammy was quick and caught her in time.

After the tournament, we went to IHOP and stuffed ourselves. yummy.

Cute fam!--Melody, Gavin, & David (Lilah above)

Me, Lilah, & Gavin

After the fun, I headed out to Steph's house to go walking and have some girl chat...

Me and Kira--don't you love the socks?!?! Too cute!

Next, I headed up to Park City for a family birthday party. We combined quite a few, so... Happy Birthday, Aaron, Janae, Mike, and Caleb!!! Adam and Janae had gotten a condo at a place up there, so we all headed up to hang out. It was so fun to see everyone! It feels like it's been forever since I've been to any family party. Good times...
Isaac, Rachael (Chris' fiance), Chase, Chris, Sarah, Matt, Caleb

Janae, Ali, Jonathan, Adam, Caleb's head

Matt & Sarah

Caleb and his new ride

Aaron & Ruby with their gargantuous pieces of cake--it's the best when Grammy serves the cake!

Caleb, Isaac, Gavin

Caleb, Isaac, Me

I love catching Aaron in his pondering moments!

Me and Baby Benjamin--he's so cute!

Hey Sarah, you got somethin' on your face. How'd you get that? What's with the crusty?!?!


Janae said...

Lots of fun pictures!

Angela said...

What a fun day. Time to crash after all that stuff!!

NW Harbert's said...

All these family gatherings make me want to move back to Utah!!