Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Peeps, Good Food, Good Fun

We went to hang for a night at Angela & Derek's house. We ordered pizza, watched t.v., and while the boys talked hunting outside, the girls caught up on each other's lives. The kiddos, Kira and Emma, played all night long. They were so cute to watch, but they wore me out just watching the crazy energy they had. We all took turns in their massage was heaven! It was fun, as always, to catch up and hang out. Thanks Ang & Derek for letting us hang at your house again.
Emma, Derek, Angela, MaryAlayne

Beautiful Mom & Beautiful Baby

MaryAlayne & Me

Emma tickling Kira--notice Emma's 'mittens' aka Kira's socks--Cute!

Emma was looking at me like I was a weirdo, but it made for a pretty funny picture!

Kira havin' fun on the bouncer

This was too cute...they were just chillin' on the bouncer. They must have been pooped after running around for hours.

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Angela said...

Too cute! You always catch some good shots. I love Emma's crazy look in the up close photo with the food on her face. Good Stuff :)