Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kimmy Gets Married

My good friend, Kim, got married on Tuesday! Congrats, Kim! Kim is on our volleyball team that plays on Tuesdays. Well, for some reason she decided to get married on a Tuesday. Crazy girl! J/K! We were super happy for her. We all played our games (split 2 & 2) and then went to the our vball clothes, of course!

It was kind of awkward to be at a reception in shorts and a t-shirt, but since we were with five others, it was okay. When it was time for the bouquet throw, Michelle and I were kind of forced into it. We were hanging out watching the other girls going crazy. Just a side note...I'm not one of those girls that tries to go for the bouquet... I couldn't really care less. Well, here comes the's going, it's going, and there it was...right in my face. If I didn't go for it, it would have it me in the face. Needless to say, I got the bouquet and it was beautiful! After that, the reception center lady came up to me and asked me if I wanted to book a date for my reception. Cha right!!! Not any time soon, honey! Anyway, here are a coupel cute pics...(I have one of me and her after the bouquet toss, but it's a print so I'll scan and add it later.)

Our team: Katie, Amy, Stacy, Kim, Me, Michelle


Stephers said...

NO FREAKIN WAY! You are going to die when I tell you that I know Kim very well. She actually plays the bagpipes in the same band as my hubby. My husband is the lead drummer for the band. That is totally crazy. We vacation with her all summer long for there competitions. THAT IS TOTALLY CRAZY!
It was our little guys 2nd birthday that night so we couldn't make her reception, or we totally would have seen you!

The Cox Crew said...

Well....I caught the bouquet at my oldest sister's wedding when I was about 12, and guess what, I was the next to get married. Then at my wedding my cousin (who wasn't considering getting married) caught the bouquet and she was next to get married. This has made me a believer out of the whole tradition. never know!

Stephanie said... you're next??!!! Let's start planning...

liso. said...

...that's a funny pic with the cas and the fancy combined...but way to represent the volleyball! love her dress, btw, beautiful!