Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Picture Tag

Stephanie tagged me with this picture post! Here's what you do: go to the fourth folder of your pictures, and post the fourth picture and tell about it!

K, so this is a little funny. I have this folder for weird pictures I have and pictures that I have done weird things with. So it happens to be the forth folder in my pictures folder. I wish the forth picture was something else, so much so that I almost cheated and picked a different picture! Oh well, this is me. This was a pic that we took while on the drive from Boston to Vermont. Sarah and I were having so much fun taking weird pics of ourselves. As if it weren't weird enough, I altered it with a few color changes and here is what it ended up as. I actually put this as the desktop background on my work computer (imagine a 19" monitor with THIS!) because I thought it was pretty funny. It also doesn't hurt that it keeps people away from my office. :)
I tag: Ali Cox, Melody Cox, Janae Cox, Camille Giles, Heather Harbert
Do it.


liso. said...

Love it... love that you *almost* changed your 4th/4th picture, too! :) Loved Boston, a little bit sad to be back! Sounds like you guys had a great trip, too!

Unknown said...

You seriously look posessed! How about posting one of those pics that you weird all out by making noses big and the rest of the face small & know what I mean!

Stephanie said...

Can I have this picture to blow up and put on my door? I want to scare the trick or treaters away