Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She's Alive!!!

Oh, so sorry! I have been so horrible at blogging for the last few months and I'm afraid I don't think it's going to get better! Here's a super quick update...This isn't very entertaining, but at least it's something!

I am still working for the same company that I started with last December. I really like the job, but it's super busy...like ALL the time! I guess that's good though...job security, right? I have recently taken on quite a few additional responsibilities and sometimes I feel like there isn't enough time in the day.
I haven't really had much time to travel, but I do what I can! I went to Vegas in September to see the Body Worlds Exhibit...way cool and totally worth it! We had a blast too! Mom, Sarah, and I got to go to Boston to visit Leah at the beginning of October. We had so much fun! We drove up to Maine, spent some time on Cape Cod, went to Martha's Vineyard, and just had a relaxing time.

I have been doing some home shows selling my caramel apples and pretzels. I always have fun doing things like that so I take the opportunity to do it whenever I can. I just got an order for a lady that wants to do the apples as a favor to hand out at her wedding...pretty cool!

I just moved to Layton this past weekend. I was living in Murray in a townhouse with a few girls. Well, we had a few roommate situations that just made it obvious that it was time to part ways. So, after that whole thing with the girl that was stealing our food (see previous post), we got this girl in our place. We all got along with her, so we thought it would be a great situation...and it was for a little while. Well, one girl left and didn't hold up her end of the deal that we made...that she would find a replacement if she moved out. She was moving to a new place with more room--which I don't blame her for that at all 'cause I'd move too--but she never found a replacement so we were out that rent. Anyway, from that situation on it just seemed like we couldn't recover and find people to live there and make it work. We decided to all go our separate ways, so now I'm in Layton.

So far, I love the area. I am close to everything...and my commute is only like five minutes longer, so that's a plus. We'll see how it all goes! Sorry for such a boring update! Things have just been so crazy so it's hard to stay up on things! I will try to be better, I promise.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Girl's Trip

Camille and I heading on our way

Camille and I love to get away sometimes, doesn't everyone? Well, we had been talking about going somewhere in May but couldn't make a decision because of a few things that were going on. Anyway, on Wednesday, we were talking and decided we should head to St. George for the weekend...that weekend. It was a quick decision so we didn't have to wait forever, which was awesome.

We totally took it easy and it was the perfect trip! I got off early on Friday and we headed down there. Once there, we checked into our hotel.

First things first...gotta test out the beds...Camille took it upon herself to do so...

These were actually the most comfortable beds I have ever had in a hotel. They were awesome!

Then we headed out for some dinner. After eating at Pizza Factory, we were waiting for our movie to start so we went over to this new frozen yogurt shop called Spoon Me. We thought, hey, why not give it a shot. Worst ever! It was a great idea...everything was all natural and they had a bunch of different types of fruit or cereals (weird) for toppings. We got our yogurt and sat down to enjoy...not. It was horrible! Ok, maybe not horrible, but it definitely wasn't good enough to waste the calories on.
Looks good, right? Don't be fooled!!!
After our 'Spoon Me' experience we went and saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past which was pretty funny! My favorite was the read headed ghost...too funny!

On Saturday, we went and got pedicures...
Had In-n-out for lunch (yummy)
Did a little shopping, went to Tuacahn
Had a little time for putting the feet in the hot tub, then went and saw

He's Just Not That Into You which was also pretty funny.
Not quite sure what was going on here, but I obviously thought it was hilarious...I know, not the most attractive pic, but who cares, right?
On Sunday, we headed home.
This was in Beaver (obviously) on the giant rocking chair. I've seen it so many times since I've been going to St. George at least once a year for about 20 years, but I don't know if I've actually ever gotten a picture of it...hmm, funny.

It was definitely a short trip, but it was so needed and way fun! Thanks, Camille!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


We went to Adam & Janae's house for Easter. We all had a fun day hanging out and watching the kids hunt for eggs. Here are some pics from that day...

Aaron & David


Me and the cake I made for the occasion.

Mom & Benjamin

Caleb & Aaron

Lilah & Ruby


Friday, April 17, 2009

One Fine Day...

Have you ever had one of those days where NOTHING is going your way? Today was definitely one of those days...
It started at about 5:00 a.m. I headed to the gym and worked out for a while. I was feeling good and just knew it would be a great day. I mean, it's Friday, how could it not be great? I stopped in at Maverik to get a diet coke...and they were out! Are you kidding me? I should have known then that everything was about to go down hill.
I got to work and things were going fine. Because this is a slow time of year, we were planning on closing early AND work was buying us lunch, sweet right? Well, I was chosen to get everyone's orders and pick up lunch this time...so everyone decided to get Grinders. I got a turkey and avocado sandwich. I was super excited because it sounded so good! Well, it was made with like the cheapest deli turkey available (like a turkey roll or something) so it was really slimy. Sick. Then the avocado had this nasty taste like it had turned brown and gone bad so they just mixed it with new avocado to make it green again. Needless to say, I didn't eat it. So, now, I've had ZERO diet coke and no lunch...and that was probably the best part of my day.
We got off early (at about 2:00) so I began to head home. I realized (luckily before I got on the freeway) that I was about out of gas. No problem, I'll just swing by Maverik, get gas and be on my way. I pull up to the gas pump, get out and go around to run my card. I run my card and go to open the little gas door, but I had forgotten to pop it. No biggie, I run around to the driver's door and pull on the handle to get in and pop the little button. The door doesn't open. I pull again. Nothing. And again. Nothing. Apparently I didn't get it the first time and thought "oh, maybe I just need to pull harder." Nope. Keys in the car. I locked the door. I guess I had put my keys in the middle console, locked the door and gotten out. What?!?! I think I've locked my keys in my car only twice in my life and both times were in the last month!

I go around to the gas pump and cancel the sale. Luckily, I had my cell phone and my debit card, but that was it. I headed inside and called my roommate, Michelle. She was home...thank goodness! And since I had recently locked my keys in my car, I knew exactly where the spare was. She was going to bring it to me, awesome!

Now I definitely needed a diet coke! They had some now, so I was relieved. Well, since I've been through this tramatic experience, I deserved a cookie too, right? Yeah, I thought so too. I've been trying to not eat sugar lately so this was going to be quite the treat...I admit I was excited to eat it. I go up and pay for the cookie and the diet coke. I ask the clerk to get cash back (I wanted to give Michelle some gas money or something) and the clerk looked at me like I asked her to give me her own money or something...I guess getting change out of the drawer is taxing. She hands me my $10 and my receipt. I take the money, receipt and the cookie in one hand and my diet coke in the other. I turn to walk away and what happens??? As I turn, my cookie flies out of the package and onto the floor. I was already frustrated, but amused at the same time because I mean, really is all this happening? I look at the checker (secretly thinking...she has to offer me another cookie, right? I dropped it while I was still at the checkout) and I think I actually growled, "My freaking cookie just fell on the nasty floor! Ugh." The checker looked at me like I was crazy and there was no way she'd offer anything! Especially after I made her give me change. I thought, "Okay, fine, I don't need the cookie anyway." I walk outside to wait for Michelle. There was a garbage can right by the door outside, so I chuck my cookie and the receipt in the garbage.

I wait outside, just playing on my phone, making the time pass by. Michelle pulls up to save the day! She hands me my key and as I'm expressing my thanks, I reach to my pocket to give her some gas money. She stops me and says, "No, no, no, I'm sure you'll bail me out sometime. Don't worry about it." I think, "oh, that's so nice!" By then my hands are already in my pocket and I realize the money I took out isn't in my pocket! What? That's TEN dollars! I stop to think where in the world could it have gone, then I remember that I had thrown away my stupid cookie! Oh no! I go to the garbage can, which is one of these kinds...
Keep in mind that I did not know that the front opened like that...So I'm wearing this cute, new WHITE shirt and I have to dig through the garbage! What? I stick my arm in through the opening that you see there. Fortunately, the garbage wasn't very full, but that was unfortunate as well because that means I have to reach further in. I'm feeling (eeewww) around to try to find my money that I wasn't positive was in there. Finally I get a glimpse of it! Hallelujah! The problem was that I couldn't reach it. I reached my arm in as far as I could (I'm into it up to my shoulder by now) and I had to grab the bag and start cinching it up one handful at a time. As I'm in the middle of this, some guy walks by and attempts to encourage me, "Keep trying, you'll eventually find what your looking for!" Finally, I have it in my hand! All of that for a ten dollar bill! I go back over to Michelle's car to let her know I found it and she points out my shirt to me...my NEW WHITE shirt. I look down and my entire sleave was covered with black smudges and dirt...gross! I also got a nasty bruise on my arm from the garbage can.
Anyway, that was my awesome Friday! Luckily the day didn't get any worse but I thought I needed to treat myself to something great because of my traumatic experience, so I rewarded myself by going tanning, which completely relaxes me. Hopefully I won't have one of those days ever again!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Piano Recital

Janae sent me an email telling me about a piano recital that Caleb and Isaac were going to be doing. It was held at the Piano Gallery in Sandy. It was so cute! Good job guys!

Ruby sat on my lap for the duration, so I got a cute pic of her...
Isaac played a few songs and did an AWESOME job! How cute is he?!?!
It was Caleb's turn...He played a couple also and did AWESOME also! How handsome is he?!?! (I can't call him cute anymore, I guess he's too old for that!)
They both got certificates for their awesomeness...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monkeyin' Around

I hadn't seen my mom forever, so I decided to go over and visit for a little while. David, Melody, Gavin, and Lilah came over to visit for a little while also, which was great. I was teasing the kids and taking pictures and David decided to join in...This is my family and I love them for it!!!

Gotta Love Having Roommates

Prepare for a long post...don't feel obligated to read! This is one of those "for journal purposes" posts...

All good stories come to an end and thankfully this one ended sooner rather than later. It all started one beautiful November day...

We had a Thanksgiving dinner with my family and one of the best things about Thanksgiving is the leftovers, right? Well, I brought home some rolls to enjoy at a later time. I came home a couple of days after and went to eat a couple of rolls for dinner...and they were half gone! I know this doesn't sound like a huge deal...and it really wasn't but it was just a little annoying. I tell one of my roommates and she says, "Hmm. That's weird because someone has been getting into my dried fruit mix...and leaving it open." Okay, still annoying. We had a family baking party and we all got to take home a bunch of treats to pass out to neighbors. We had the baking party on a Saturday...I came home on Monday after work and guess what?!?! More than HALF of the goodies were gone! Later, this person told us she was lactose intolerant and doesn't like chocolate at all. Yeah...milk was missing, Michelle had some chocolate cookies missing, granola was missing, chips were missing...Now it's more annoying, I mean, who eats someone else's food?

The last straw you ask? So, I was getting ready to go play volleyball on a wonderful February evening. I get home at about 5:30, so luckily I had made a few meals on Sunday to last me the week. I got into the fridge to grab my chicken that I had made. Guess what? It was cut in half and gone! Who eats someone's leftovers?!?! I didn't know who had gotten into it (although I had a pretty good idea) so I grabbed my other meal and guess what? It was half gone too! What the???

I was furious and super bugged, so I decided to confront the culprit. I got home from volleyball and asked her to come downstairs. My roomie, Michelle, and I sat down and waited for her to join us. Her boyfriend was there as well, so he came down too. I started by saying "first off, this probably won't be a pleasant conversation." She looked at me like "Crap, I'm caught." I continued to ask her if she has been eating our food. Of course she denied it. Her boyfriend got kind of upset and said to stop blaming her. There was absolutely no one else that could have been doing it, so I told her that. The response? "Someone must be coming in in the middle of the day and eating your food." Um, yeah. I'm sure someone is coming in and eating our food, but leaving the TV, the computers, etc...She then proceeded to say, "This may make me sound guilty, but none of my food is missing." No kidding! It's because you're eating all of ours!!!

Anyway, it ended with the suggestion that we get a camera installed so we can catch the person that is sneaking in our house and eating our food.

The saga continues...

The stealing of food continued and then little things around the house started going missing...like little stupid things...like kitchen magnets (mind you, they are super cute magnets!). Our other roommate started noticing her things missing. We now had three of four of us with stuff missing and one person that never had anything gone...let's think about this for a sec...

We, as a group, decided that she needed to leave. That's an awkward conversation to have, but it had to be done! Michelle and I were discussing how we were going to bring it up and right at that moment the girl came down. I asked her if she had a minute to talk, she said sure, and sat down. I told her that we think she needs to move out and it's better if it's done sooner rather than later. I felt bad, but you know, sometimes it just has to be done! It all worked out alright, she decided to move back home and was actually happy about the situation once we were done with the conversation.

Funny thing, once she moved out, (it's been 1 1/2 months) not one thing has gone missing! It's nice to know that because it just verified everything that we were seeing. Anyway, not that you want to read the whole story, but I wanted to at least have it written somewhere so I remember this awesome story!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Becca Needs

I saw this on Jennie's blog, and I thought it was kinda funny, so I thought that I'd participate...The rules are: type your name (Jennie) "needs" in google search & put the first 10 things that pop up. Let's see how random they are...

1. Becca needs to learn to move on...(hmm...)
2. Becca needs some mom time...(kinda tricky if I'm not a mom! or maybe I need time with my mom.)
3. Becca needs a boyfriend...(no kidding!)
4. Becca needs a man...(ok, I get it!)
5. Becca needs to find the sum of 34, 108, and 46...(ever heard of a calculator? btw, it's 188 in case you were wondering!)
6. Becca needs some CCS support...(what's that?)
7. Becca needs a new home...(workin' on it!)
8. Becca needs a vacation...(AMEN!)
9. Becca needs a little prayer...(I'll take all I can get!)
10. Becca needs a break...(would a vacation count?)

Now, I know I'm only supposed to ten, but I saw the 11th one and couldn't help it...

11. Becca needs to turn herself into the psych ward...(hmm...)

Too funny!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Glass Castle

Book club time again! This month we read The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls. The book was basically about this girl, Jeannette, and the hardships she went through in life. They lived in this shack in West Virginia for the majority of their childhood and had to pretty much fend for themselves...scavenging food in the garbage, working to support their parent's and siblings, etc. Throughout the book I was appalled at times at how the parents could treat their children. There was one time when the kids had been literally starving, like skin and bones, and the mom was sneakily eating a chocolate bar under the covers and had been gaining weight for a while! Holy cow, what a wench!! Anyway the story was pretty depressing, but still worth reading! That's convincing, right? But really...worth the read.
It was held at my house this month and we all had a super fun time! It's so fun just to hang out for a while and chat. We took lots of fun pictures and we even talked about the book for a few minutes! We didn't get everyone in a picture, but those in attendance were: me, Steph, Shelby, McKayle, Carla, Liz, Brooke, and Keelee. Thanks everyone for coming to my house!!
I think this is my fave! Keelee, you look HOT!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dinner with the Girls

We finally got to get together with Angela (and her baby) again...It's been so long!!! We had a good time at Training Table hanging out and chit-chatting...


Jenny got me some tickets to the AVP Volleyball tour for my birthday. The event was on Valentine's day at the E-Center. Michelle and I went and met up with Janelle and Bryson there. If you don't know about the AVP, it's a beach volleyball tour with some amazing people! Some of the olympic players were there and it was so fun to watch! We loved it! I know this picture quality sucks, but it's all I got! This is Jake Gibb...and some chick.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


So, I've lived in Utah for 19 1/2 years and guess what? I have never been to Arches! Or Moab for that matter. Since we were in Moab anyway, I decided that I wanted to at least drive through Arches. We were super sore, so we didn't want to hike but I think we got to see a lot of cool stuff.

This was just some random dog in a hoodie that we saw on the way home. Too funny!