Monday, May 4, 2009

Girl's Trip

Camille and I heading on our way

Camille and I love to get away sometimes, doesn't everyone? Well, we had been talking about going somewhere in May but couldn't make a decision because of a few things that were going on. Anyway, on Wednesday, we were talking and decided we should head to St. George for the weekend...that weekend. It was a quick decision so we didn't have to wait forever, which was awesome.

We totally took it easy and it was the perfect trip! I got off early on Friday and we headed down there. Once there, we checked into our hotel.

First things first...gotta test out the beds...Camille took it upon herself to do so...

These were actually the most comfortable beds I have ever had in a hotel. They were awesome!

Then we headed out for some dinner. After eating at Pizza Factory, we were waiting for our movie to start so we went over to this new frozen yogurt shop called Spoon Me. We thought, hey, why not give it a shot. Worst ever! It was a great idea...everything was all natural and they had a bunch of different types of fruit or cereals (weird) for toppings. We got our yogurt and sat down to enjoy...not. It was horrible! Ok, maybe not horrible, but it definitely wasn't good enough to waste the calories on.
Looks good, right? Don't be fooled!!!
After our 'Spoon Me' experience we went and saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past which was pretty funny! My favorite was the read headed ghost...too funny!

On Saturday, we went and got pedicures...
Had In-n-out for lunch (yummy)
Did a little shopping, went to Tuacahn
Had a little time for putting the feet in the hot tub, then went and saw

He's Just Not That Into You which was also pretty funny.
Not quite sure what was going on here, but I obviously thought it was hilarious...I know, not the most attractive pic, but who cares, right?
On Sunday, we headed home.
This was in Beaver (obviously) on the giant rocking chair. I've seen it so many times since I've been going to St. George at least once a year for about 20 years, but I don't know if I've actually ever gotten a picture of it...hmm, funny.

It was definitely a short trip, but it was so needed and way fun! Thanks, Camille!


Angela said...

Looks like a blast!!

Stephers said...

You two are always up for an adventure. Looks like fun. Glad you were able to get away :)

dxeechick said...

On my way there this weekend... Next time you go, we should try and meet up. I have family there, so I always have an excuse to go. It would be fun to get caught up and take some more goofy pics!! :)

Camille said...

Thanks so much for being my partner in crime! I loved this little get away as I always do! Can't wait until the next one! ; )

Julia Jae said...

looooooooooove your hair!!!!

liso. said...

you're a dork. why? 1. cuz you didn't call me. 2. well, that's all i can think of...

but glad you had fun in dixie!!!

Anonymous said...

V. here...(vickie c.) I can't help but tell you how great your hair is. Glad you had a great trip. Sorry about the ill tasting yougurt . Guess they won't be in business on the next visit. l,v

liso. said...

hey, where you been???

since we pretty much only keep up via blog - i been missing you!

hope all is well!