Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Glass Castle

Book club time again! This month we read The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls. The book was basically about this girl, Jeannette, and the hardships she went through in life. They lived in this shack in West Virginia for the majority of their childhood and had to pretty much fend for themselves...scavenging food in the garbage, working to support their parent's and siblings, etc. Throughout the book I was appalled at times at how the parents could treat their children. There was one time when the kids had been literally starving, like skin and bones, and the mom was sneakily eating a chocolate bar under the covers and had been gaining weight for a while! Holy cow, what a wench!! Anyway the story was pretty depressing, but still worth reading! That's convincing, right? But really...worth the read.
It was held at my house this month and we all had a super fun time! It's so fun just to hang out for a while and chat. We took lots of fun pictures and we even talked about the book for a few minutes! We didn't get everyone in a picture, but those in attendance were: me, Steph, Shelby, McKayle, Carla, Liz, Brooke, and Keelee. Thanks everyone for coming to my house!!
I think this is my fave! Keelee, you look HOT!


Janae said...

nice pictures!

Angela said...

Love the pics!!

The Cox Crew said...

I've read that book and loved it!

Unknown said...

nice standard cox expression in your last two pics. You should read water for elephants.