Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boise Baby!!!

Steph's niece was getting baptized, so we headed up to Boise to spend some time with her family. We had quite the interesting drive up there! I learned this game from my sister, Leah, called the squishy face game, so naturally I told Steph we should play it. I was driving at this time, so she was the lucky one that got to start the game. Basically, you squish your face against the window like you fell asleep in some awkward position and wait for the people in the car next to you to give some sort of reaction. Well, I've played this several times and usually get some response. Can I just say that the people that we encountered were BORING!!! I don't think one car passed by and looked. It was okay though, 'cause Steph and I cracked up the entire time! I think we were both crying because we were laughing so hard!

The drive went by pretty quick and Kira did awesome, so we arrived in Boise without incident. We stayed at Steph's brother, Kyle's house with his wife, Jody. They have three cute kids: Bryce, Eryn, and Kaitlyn. We felt so welcome there and everyone was so nice. On Friday, we picked up Steph's mom and we (Me, Steph, Kira, Jody, and Renee)went to downtown Boise to go shopping, then met Kyle and Sterling at a restaurant. The lady at the restaurant was a total brat! (See Steph's blog for the whole story.)

Saturday was baptism day! Steph, Kira, and I headed out in the morning to get some shopping done and we went to lunch. The baptism was in the late afternoon, so we headed over there. After the little service, we were waiting for the other wards to finish. We were sitting in the chapel and the speaker says "Thank you, Sister Cox for playing the piano." My first thought was, "Oh, hey, my last name is Cox. I wonder if we're related." I didn't think so, but hey, who knows. Well, Sister Cox walks down the aisle to leave and who is it? My Aunt!!! I didn't even know I had family in Boise! My uncle, Dale and Aunt Carrie moved to Boise a year ago and I didn't even know it. I ran out behind her and was able to catch up and chat with her for about 15 minutes. I haven't seen her for years, so it was a nice surprise! After the baptism, we headed back to the house and hung out with the family the rest of the day. It was a nice day and we were happy to be there for Eryn's special day.
Eryn & Kira

We got up to head out Sunday morning and I went into Steph's room to find that Kira had gotten sick during the night. It was so sad! We headed home and she still wasn't feeling well, but we made it home without anything major happening. Poor girl! Other than that, we had a great trip! Thanks for the fun and the great laughs, Steph!!!


Jody said...

Thanks for coming up for the weekend. I loved having you and Stephanie here. Come up anytime!

Stephanie said...

I'm thinking Boise is the hottest place to visit. For sure. We need to go again. That or like a cruise. Either one will be a blast, right?

liso. said...

How crazy is that!?!

...and i love that you're always taking such fun trips, some big, some little, but they always sound so fun1

...AND I totally love Boise. I would move there in a heartbeat. If I had a job up there. And no mortgage here. And could afford a house there. *sigh* okay, so maybe not.