Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quirky!!!! I was tagged and so are you!

I was tagged by my sister-in-law, Heather.
Rules: Link the person who tagged you.
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  1. I am terrified of bridges! For some reason, I can't stand driving over them - they freak me out! I have been on quite a few, but some I refuse to go across! There is one huge bridge connecting Astoria, Oregon to Washington that I will NEVER cross! The largest bridge I went across (because I had no choice) was driving from Key Largo to Key West. The whole time we were crossing I was chanting the "Betty Botter" tongue twister just to keep my mind off it...Lame, I know, but I can't help it! This is why my crossing the suspension bridge on one of my previous posts was such a huge accomplishment.
  2. I straighten rug tassels. Again, I know it's lame. I don't usually notice I'm doing it, but if I'm sitting by a rug that has tassels, I will sit there until they are all untangled and completely straight. I can't have any rugs with tassels in my house! My family has made fun of me for this for as long as I can remember!
  3. Do you remember that 'Culligan Man' commercial where that little cartoon lady yells "Hey Culligan Man?" I don't even remember when the last time was that I saw that commercial. Everytime I see a Culligan truck, I yell (out loud. in my car. by myself.) "Hey Culligan Man!" in the same voice of that cartoon.
  4. I can't stand radio morning shows...well, any talking on the radio at all! I always have a book on CD playing in my car. I am driving all the time, so I go through about a book a week and I love it. Sometimes I will just drive around to finish listening to it. You'd think with the gas prices I'd avoid it, but no.
  5. There are 22 stars that surround the mountain in the opening of Paramount movies. How do I know this? I count them EVERY time I see them on the screen. I have an obsession with counting everything! How many stairs to get to my room from the main level? 14. Nine on the first flight and five on the second. How many to get to my basement? 13. Five and then eight. How many in my mom's house to get upstairs?...you get the idea!
  6. When the windows are down in my car, I have to make sure they are even. Say someone in my back seat rolls there window down, a window on the opposite side has to be rolled down the same amount. I haven't decided why this is. I originally thought that it was because of the noise. I think it started out that way, but it didn't used to have to be even. It was just that if a window was down on the right side, there had to be one down on the left. It has gradually morphed into having to be even.

Ok, so after writing these out, I think I may be a little more OCD than I originally tought! Oops! My family makes fun of me sometimes for it, but I always thought they were exaggerating a little...I guess not.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look into my quirky life! Now it is your turn, I tag Stephanie, Camille, Angela, Ali, Janae, Mom, and Lisa Price. I hope you all are well and up to the challenge!


NW Harbert's said...

Thanks Becca, I am glad I am not the only one!!!

liso. said...

These are hilarious! My favorite is the counting one... wow. Paramount stars and everything. That's impressive.

Stephers said...

I think that is awesome. I love the counting one. I do the stairs as well in my house. I also count the sections between the blinds.. you know what I mean.. Super weird, but I totally know where you are coming from. We all have silly things we do, you are just brave enough to share them :)

Angela said...

I Love it! Hey Becca, I have some rugs I need you to come fix.... By the way, I think I need to be in the car with you sometime just to hear the Culligan Man thing. Too funny!

Mea said...

You're silly! I love it.

Camille said...

Remember it's not OCD, it's CDO, that way it's in alphabetical order! You are a total goof!

Stephanie said...

I know I got tagged...and I'm just taking a while...contemplating on my weirdnesses that I want to share with the world. :)

Stephanie said...

Okay...I am really going to do this, but the whole linking thing is bugging me. I may need your assistance. I'll try tomorrow when I'm not so tired...UGH