Sunday, July 6, 2008

Miley's Blessing

My cousin, Lisa and her husband Donald, had a baby at the end of May and she was blessed today. Her name is Miley Hendrix Holland. She is so cute! It was held in the Kaysville Tabernacle, which is a beautiful building. Of course, the blessing was beautiful. Miley's dress was amazing. I guess the story is that it was made from my Aunt Diane's wedding vail. All of her girls were blessed in it and all of Jana's girls were blessed in it. Now, Jana's daughter, Lisa's baby was blessed in it. What a great tradition! I didn't get any pictures today, but here is a picture that I stole from one of her albums...Isn't she cute?!?!

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Stephanie said...

She's adorable. Well, I am partial to another child in my life...but she's so cute. :)