Saturday, July 12, 2008


Lilah's birthday was on Thursday and Gavin's is next week. They are going to Oregon for the week with the fam, so I went over to give them their gifts this afternoon. It was so fun to watch them open them and get so excited! I love when I see Lilah and she says "Gecca" in her octive-lower voice. Super cute. Here are some pics from that little visit...
These are her new earrings that she got from her mom on her birthday.

Gavin in his cute new outfit and his monkey bank that I got him.

Gavin, me, Lilah. Can you tell they get a lot of pictures taken of them? They have perfected the picture smile. Super cute!

I got Lilah some cute nail decals and some little tattoos. They were really cute and it took her no time to start applying them!

Lilah showin' off her mad piano skills

It was fun to see you guys! Happy Birthday!

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Janae said...

What an awesome Aunt!!