Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day Festivities...

Today was a pretty relaxing day. I just hung out at home and got a few things done, you know, laundry and all that fun stuff. We decided to go to Thanksgiving Point to watch the fireworks. I stopped by Adam & Janae's to help cart everyone down there. The kids made t-shirts for the occasion. They were so cute! Sarah & Matt's kids made their own t-shirts also. Pics to follow.
They also helped Janae make some treats to bring.
This was just a cute pic of Aaron I captured.
We arrived at Thanksgiving Point and Sarah & Matt had saved a perfect spot for us. There was quite the set up. Mom & Mike were there with their camp chairs, canope and all. The had otter pops for all the kids. (Ours and all the others in the area.) There was a huge area reserved for just our family. Lilah didn't waste any time on the treats. Everytime I saw her, she was getting something else. It was pretty funny. She kept bring them to me to help her with. She'd say "Gecca" and hand it to me. Too cute!
All the kids
The Clan

Sarah & Bryce


Aww, cuddly family.

K, so those of you that know me pretty well, you know I don't necessarily care for fireworks much. I went to see them to spend time with family and so I wasn't a pooper. I had a good time hanging with the fam. I spent time during the fireworks display to try to get a good picture, 'cause some fireworks pictures can look pretty cool. Well, my battery died right in the middle, so here is the fireworks picture I got. You will be amazed...Wait for it...

Wow, can you stand it? Don't be jealous!


The Cox Crew said...

That is the coolest fire work picture I have ever seen! You should sell it for some big bucks. Sounds like you guys had a great time down there. -Jonathan

Stephanie said...

dig the matching shirts. why didn't you have one? and that circle I for sure missed out.