Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

Today is Stephanie's birthday. Jenny & I went out to Steph's house and picked her up to go to dinner. We went to the new Cafe Rio out by Steph's house. It was good food, good company, and good times. I gave her a book that I was super entertained by so I knew she would be too. It was a Postsecret book. Basically, there is this address that you can write any secret to. It started out as an art and social experiment. This guy collects these secrets that people write in and he posts them on his blog. He's also published like two or three books with all these secrets. Quite interesting. A lot of them are really sad, some of them trivial, and some that just make you think. Anyway, hope you enjoy the book Steph! Happy Birthday!!! Love ya!!!

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Stephanie said...

Yeah...I love that book, by the way. Thanks for hanging out with me on my, you know, big day. :) You're the best :) where are the alaska pics? I wanna see the pics of those cute widdle puppies.