Thursday, November 27, 2008


On Thanksgiving Day, we went to Adam and Janae's. It was such a beautiful set up! Janae used all of her beautiful china and even had some for the kids!

Check it out! Name tags and everything! Beautiful!

Even a super cute centerpiece!

I got to make pies this year seven in all... I thought they turned out awesome, so I just had to share! :)

Chocolate Cream & Banana Cream

Chocolate Pecan

AppleAs we began to eat, Janae tells us that the bottom plastic plates are just chargers, so don't eat on them. Jonathan just thought that he'd use the biggest plate. Yeah, good job Jonathan!After dinner, Sarah played with the kids. She came up with this costume...Nice!Caleb and Janae ran a 5K in the morning. Their ward sponsored it and had tons of shirts left over. So naturally, we all got one!
Since there were so many shirts, the kids decided to wear ALL of them! I think they all had like 25 shirts on each!!!


The Gooch Family said...

Becca your pies look beautiful! Will you post your chocolate pecan pie recipe for me? I love pecan pie and duh...chocolate too? Sounds delicious!

Janae said...

you got some great pics! Could I get copies? It was a great day. Thanks for all you did. Those pies were AWESOME!

liso. said...

Wow. I am totally impressed with your pie skills. I'm still afraid of all things that have to be rolled out. boo. looks gorgeous!