Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

So, we got to celebrate Thanksgiving twice this year! We had a family dinner with my mom on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We went out to Sarah & Matt's house out in BFE. It was super fun to hang out with the fam and eat lots of stuff. Here are a couple of pictures from that day...For some reason, I didn't take pictures of everyone, but this is what I came out with albeit a little random!
Lilah was so cute playing with the dogs. If I counted correctly, they have THIRTEEN dogs right now. There are four that they always have and there were nine babies! This pic is of two of the babies (one of which, Kronk, that can climb and jump over the gate!) and Abbie is the big one that's cut off in the pic.
Just randomness...Adam and Janae...oh and David had to get in too.
Jonathan & Ali being goofy.

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