Saturday, April 4, 2009

Becca Needs

I saw this on Jennie's blog, and I thought it was kinda funny, so I thought that I'd participate...The rules are: type your name (Jennie) "needs" in google search & put the first 10 things that pop up. Let's see how random they are...

1. Becca needs to learn to move on...(hmm...)
2. Becca needs some mom time...(kinda tricky if I'm not a mom! or maybe I need time with my mom.)
3. Becca needs a boyfriend...(no kidding!)
4. Becca needs a man...(ok, I get it!)
5. Becca needs to find the sum of 34, 108, and 46...(ever heard of a calculator? btw, it's 188 in case you were wondering!)
6. Becca needs some CCS support...(what's that?)
7. Becca needs a new home...(workin' on it!)
8. Becca needs a vacation...(AMEN!)
9. Becca needs a little prayer...(I'll take all I can get!)
10. Becca needs a break...(would a vacation count?)

Now, I know I'm only supposed to ten, but I saw the 11th one and couldn't help it...

11. Becca needs to turn herself into the psych ward...(hmm...)

Too funny!!!


Lisa P. said...

inalluthat is hilarious! I did that for paul and I on my blog about a month ago. too funny!

Susan said...

I need some Becca time too...Let's plan!

Stephers said...

That is really funny, I should try this one!

Angela said...

I did that one too. It really is pretty funny. My favorite was Angela needs an allen wrench. What the crap?!