Saturday, June 14, 2008


A few times a year my dad and Dolly host a BBQ, which we have dubbed the 'Meatfest'. This is because he always provides and cooks the BEST tri-tip steak. Fun times were had by all. Here are a few pics from that night. By the way, Happy Birthday, Leah! Wish you were here!

Ruby, Dolly, Dad

Caleb, Janae

Caleb, Adam (no face), David, Lilah, Granddad, Ruby

Aaron, dowin' the cherries

Dad has an awesome slide that everyone had a blast on…

Caleb, Makana, Carson, Isaac




Stephanie said...

That slides looks fun... :) Let's do the slipinslide one day, wanna?

liso. said...

We're sad we missed the meatfest, but happy to have seen you at the reunion! ...and good to find you in blog-land! ...AND I'm sooooo excited for your cupcake shop! i love cupcakes, but someone just beat me to the punch down opened a couple of months ago...did you check it out while you were down? If you need to do some "research", just let us know, you've got a place to stay!