Friday, June 20, 2008

Livin' in a Postcard

So, have you ever thought about how living in Utah is like living in a postcard? Also, have you ever just been sitting at home and you just have to get out? Well, that was me on Friday. I decided to go get some Cafe Rio and head up to Brighton to enjoy the outdoors. Well, I didn't realize how cold it would be up there, so I didn't stay quite as long as I would have liked. I had a little picnic at the entrance to the Silver Lake Hike (or Stroll) Trail.

Me listening to some tunes

View from my picnic table

'Mickey Mouse'

This mountain totally takes me back to when I was 12. I went to a beehive girls camp at Brighton and Mickey Mouse was our view.

Comin' down the mountain

I had such a relaxing time just hanging out, reading, and lovin being outside.


The Cox Crew said...

Actually, I totally have thought before that living in Utah is like living in a post card! That's what I love about it

Stephanie said... me next time you go. I'll see if I have an opening in my super busy schedule to go. I'll even bring my own book to read. :) Those are pretty peaceful.