Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She's Alive!!!

Oh, so sorry! I have been so horrible at blogging for the last few months and I'm afraid I don't think it's going to get better! Here's a super quick update...This isn't very entertaining, but at least it's something!

I am still working for the same company that I started with last December. I really like the job, but it's super busy...like ALL the time! I guess that's good though...job security, right? I have recently taken on quite a few additional responsibilities and sometimes I feel like there isn't enough time in the day.
I haven't really had much time to travel, but I do what I can! I went to Vegas in September to see the Body Worlds Exhibit...way cool and totally worth it! We had a blast too! Mom, Sarah, and I got to go to Boston to visit Leah at the beginning of October. We had so much fun! We drove up to Maine, spent some time on Cape Cod, went to Martha's Vineyard, and just had a relaxing time.

I have been doing some home shows selling my caramel apples and pretzels. I always have fun doing things like that so I take the opportunity to do it whenever I can. I just got an order for a lady that wants to do the apples as a favor to hand out at her wedding...pretty cool!

I just moved to Layton this past weekend. I was living in Murray in a townhouse with a few girls. Well, we had a few roommate situations that just made it obvious that it was time to part ways. So, after that whole thing with the girl that was stealing our food (see previous post), we got this girl in our place. We all got along with her, so we thought it would be a great situation...and it was for a little while. Well, one girl left and didn't hold up her end of the deal that we made...that she would find a replacement if she moved out. She was moving to a new place with more room--which I don't blame her for that at all 'cause I'd move too--but she never found a replacement so we were out that rent. Anyway, from that situation on it just seemed like we couldn't recover and find people to live there and make it work. We decided to all go our separate ways, so now I'm in Layton.

So far, I love the area. I am close to everything...and my commute is only like five minutes longer, so that's a plus. We'll see how it all goes! Sorry for such a boring update! Things have just been so crazy so it's hard to stay up on things! I will try to be better, I promise.


dxeechick said...

good to hear an update. i like your dark hair! i just went dark too. its been hard for me to get used to tho.

Lisa P. said...

ya shes alive and lookin fabulous! girl I miss you! I'm glad you have some fun changes goin on:)

liso. said...

yea! happy to hear from you!

...i went and saw bodies last year while we were in vegas. BUT i didn't like it. i think i actually left early and let chad and our friend finish it up. what was i thinking? i know i can't handle that stuff.

sounds like you had fun in boston! too bad we weren't out at the same time - and i was so bummed to miss leah!

Holland Blog said...

Hello Becca! you live like a second away from me, we have no excuse we NEED to get together! oh and if you make apples this yr I'd love to buy some from you, just for myself haha they are delicious! love ya

Angela said...

It is so good to get an update! I miss you, we need to hang out!!

The Cox Crew said...

I thought maybe you dropped off the face of the blogosphere! Glad you didn't! You should come over for dinner somtime....seeing as you're so close now.

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