Thursday, December 25, 2008


So, as you've noticed, I haven't been up on my blogging lately. Well, usually I take lots of pictures so I remember what I did...(I'm gettin' old). I didn't take any pictures this Christmas. I can't believe it! I kind of remember some of what we did, so here goes...
Leah was going to come out for Christmas, but a couple of days before she was shoveling and threw her back out. We were totally bummed!
We had a pretty low-key day. Adam, Janae & their kids were out of town as were David, Melody & their kids. We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and program at mom's house. We also exchanged gifts that night.
On Christmas Day, I headed over to mom's at about noon. Some of the family came over sporadically throughout the day.
That night, we went to Dad's house and headed up to Bountiful to take dinner to the grandparents.
All in all, it was a nice day. Merry Christmas to all!


Angela said...

You didn't take any pics at all!! Wow :) Sounds like a nice day

liso. said...

i love it that you're talking about christmas with a st. pat's background.

i'm not judging. i still have a christmas garland over my door. and it's not on purpose. i just keep forgetting (that's my excuse.)

The Gooch Family said...

I thought you had fallen off the earth! Good to hear about your holidays.